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Prevented Planting Information Resources

Thoughts are turning to alternatives for primary field crops and what substitutes are available. There is also interest in knowing how the alternatives affect income potential and insurance options.

A recent post to the UMN Crop News (see right column for link and subscription info) lists a comprehensive list of resources on cover crop and forage options in preventive plant situations.

Prevented plant: cover crop and forage options

The weather continues to challenge farmers in parts of Minnesota. With the late planting window closing, cover crop options for prevented plant acres should be considered. Crops selected for forage use would also be good choices as cover crops. There are several options depending on what a producer's needs and expectations are. 

Ag economists in the region are providing resources to help make these decisions. NDSU economists have posted two resources to use in decision making. they can be found  at:

NDSU Prevented-planting Website Provides Analyzer to Help Producers

The program compares prevented-planting with growing either the same crop for which a prevented-planting payment could be received or some other crop.

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