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Subscribe for Postings to arrive by E-mail

When I moved the Cropping Issues in Northwest Minnesota on-line newsletter to the blog format, I have sought the best way to deliver updates to interested readers in a way that is efficient, quick and not too annoying. I have suggested using RSS feeds, subscribing to automatic updates (Atom), and my e-mailing a compilation of recent posts into a Table of contents with links. Each has had weaknesses in my opinion.

The best I have come up with at this point is a better performing e-mail option which is provided at the bottom of the right column and is the Follow By E-Mail option.

pop-up window will appear to complete subscription
Simply enter your e-mail, click on subscribe and complete the submission process as directed through the pop-up window that will appear. Enter the text provided so the software knows you are a real subscriber.

I set this up a number of weeks ago. I have been very pleased with its performance and reliability in forwarding the postings. I also like the format it provides. When multiple posts are made in a given 24-hours, you receive a single e-mail. You no longer have to wait on me to try and compile the list of new content. 

Try it, I think you will like it.


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