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Soybean Plot Tours in NW Minnesota | August 29 - 31, 2017

Soybean Plot Tours

NW Minnesota 

August 29 - 31, 2017

Plot tours are scheduled for August 29 - 31 at five locations. Agendas at each location may vary depending on speaker availability and requested topics.

  • Status of Soybean Pest Management including aphids, soybean cyst nematode, and weed management updates.

  • Soybean variety trials.

  • UMN breeding program highlights with Dr. Lorenz, including aphid resistant trait in breeding trials at Shelly and SCN at Mahnomen.
  • Soybean fertility, Iron Deficiency Chlorosis and Phosphorous and Potassium studies.
  • Using unmanned aircraft in crop production (Marshall and Pennington plot)


speaker line-up will vary at each location depending on availability

  • Aaron Lorenz - UMN Soybean Breeder
  • Phillip Glogoza - UMN Extension Educator, Crops
  • Angie Peltier - UMN Extension Educator, Crops
  • Jared Goplen - UMN Extension Educator, Crops
  • Lacy Wulfekuhle - UMN Extension Educator
  • Eli Gindele - UMN Extension Educator
  • David Kee - MN Soybean Council
  • Bill Craig, Marshall and Pennington Co.
  • Dave Grafstrom - Northland College
  • Company Seed Representatives

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