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2015 Conservation Tillage Conference - December 15 - 16, 2015 | Willmar, MN

Are You Happy with Your Weed Control in Soybeans this Fall?

by Lisa Behnken, Extension Educator, Fritz Breitenbach, IPM Specialist SE Minnesota, Jeff Gunsolus, Extension Agronomist, Weed Science, and Phyllis Bongard, Content Development and Communications Specialist, University of Minnesota
Figure 1. Weed escapes in soybean treated with a single preemergence herbicide application of Outlook and Pursuit on May 5. Photo taken August 6.
With waterhemp becoming more widespread throughout the state and glyphosate resistance increasing, how do your soybeans look this fall? If they look like Figure 1, it may be time to change your weed control strategy.

One strategy for dealing with glyphosate resistant waterhemp is to layer soil residual herbicides. This approach is being evaluated in Rochester, Minnesota and includes a number of residual herbicides in single and two-pass applications. The herbicides in the trial include 1) Dual (s-metolachlor), 2) Outlook (dimethenamid-P), and 3) Warrant (acetochlor). They were selected because of their known effectiv…

What is the Cost of Late Season Waterhemp?

Just a reminder of why poor weed management can get out of control quickly.

Do the math ...