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Tips for Planting Winter Cereals

By Jochum Wiersma, Jared Goplen, and Phyllis Bongard We are quickly approaching the optimum time for planting winter wheat and rye in Minnesota. The optimum planting date windows are between September 1st and the 15th in the area north of I-94, between September 10th and the 30th south of I-94, and between September 20th and October 10th in the part of the state south of I-90. Though seeds that just begin the germination process will vernalize (meet the necessary cold requirement to produce a spike in the summer), a much larger seedling typically has a better chance of overwintering and being more productive. Below are key points to establish winter wheat and rye successfully and give it the best chances to survive Minnesota's winter.  Plant winterhardy adapted varieties Risk of winterkill is greatly reduced when the crop is covered with snow during the coldest months of the year. Standing crop residues can effectively retain snow and help insulate the crop during the