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How much topsoil loss is enough?

Yesterday's windy conditions caused considerable topsoil loss if the tall grey-brown clouds coming out of the west and deposition of ultra-fine soil particles were any gauge. The article below, titled "How much topsoil loss is enough?" was written by North Dakota State University Extension soil health specialist Naeem Kalwar , Extension soil specialist Dave Franzen and professor of soil science Larry Cihacek and shared with me by Mr. Kalwar.  Wind and water are the main causes of topsoil loss. However, recently tillage has been identified as an additional reason that not only removes topsoil from agricultural fields but it actually increase the intensity and rates of wind and water erosion (Figure 1). Loss of topsoil due to tillage can increase to severe levels if weather is windy, especially at high speeds and soils are dry. Tillage equipment breaks down soil aggregates into smaller, finer particles which then become airborne in wind and blow away. Figure 1. May 12