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2016 Private Pesticide Applicator Recertification Workshops

Listing of all workshops

Here are links to the brochures listing dates and locations of workshops by region:

For workshops in Northwest and West Central Minnesota (PDF)

For workshops in Southeast and South Central Minnesota (PDF)

For workshops in Central Minnesota (PDF)
Workshops in Paynesville (1/19), Little Falls (1/21) and Holdingford (2/11) have lunch options - see brochure for details.

For Workshops in Southwest Minnesota (PDF) 

Things to be aware of for private pesticide applicator recertification:

Registration Continues for the 2016 Ag Professional Research Updates

By Dave Nicolai, Coordinator for the Institute for Ag Professionals

The 2016 Ag Professional Research Update Sessions are scheduled for these locations: Waseca (Jan 5), Kasson (Jan 6), Lamberton (Jan 7), Morris (Jan 12), Willmar (Jan 13) and Crookston (Jan 14 ). On-line registration by site is listed below. The registration fee is $45 through Dec 31st and $50 after Jan 1st. Registration will be available at Noon; start time is 12:30 pm. The program continues until 4:40 pm. Please refer to the Institute for Ag Professionals Research Update web page for additional information and registration as well. At the 2016 University of Minnesota Research Update for Ag Professionals, you will find research-based strategies to deal with today's changing pests, diseases, varieties, and nutrient and environmental recommendations. Presentations and discussions at the update will allow you to visit with experienced university researchers and offer you the opportunity to visit with colleagues to di…

New publication on Role of Neonicotinoid Seed Treatments in Soybean Production

by Bob Koch, Extension Entomologist and Bruce Potter, IPM Specialist 

Neonicotinoid seed treatments are used on a large percentage of soybean acres. However, the value of these treatments was questioned in a 2015 EPA report. In response, field crops entomologists from 12 northern states, including Robert Koch and Bruce Potter from the University of Minnesota, collaborated to create a new multipage extension publication, entitled The Effectiveness of Neonicotinoid Seed Treatments in Soybean, which explains the role of neonicotinoid seed treatments in northern soybean. 

Neonicotinoid seed treatments can be a useful tool for management of some early-season soybean pests in targeted high-risk situations. However, the current widespread use of these treatments exceeds the risk posed by pests and may cause adverse consequences, such as impacts to beneficial organisms, such as predatory insects, and lead to development of pest resistance. 

For the full discussion, see The Effectiveness of Neon…