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Small Grain Crop Survey Updates

The newest small grain scouting maps are posted on line. Wheat:   Barley: Grasshopper: Commentary: Small Grains Disease Update 06/19/2017                         Dr. Madeleine Smith, Plant Pathologist  In many areas applications are now being made for late season leaf disease, and Fusarium head blight.  What's Out There? 
Disease in small grains: When to spray, what to spray, when not to spray! by Madeleine Smith, Small grains Extension pathologist  winter-wheat Warmer, wetter weather seems to be here at last. As always, the question arises regarding disease risk and fungicide for use against leaf disease and what should I spray? In Minnesota it helps to think of fungicide decision making in broadly three time categories. Read more »

Lessons Learned from Preemergence Corn Herbicide Research this Spring

Note: The following two videos have been produced by UMN Extension Educators for Crops who are based in Rochester, MN. The message regarding preemerge herbicides is valuable. The two videos presented here provide a review of herbicide performance in corn, the first from May 27, 2017; the second is a follow-up posted June 8, 2017. I hope you find them informative when considering your own preemerge and post emerge herbicide program planning. Phillip Glogoza, UMN Extension Educator for Crops Extension Regional Office - Moorhead by Ryan Miller and Lisa Behnken Last week, we shared a video on Spring herbicide activity concerns due to cool and wet conditions following preemergent corn herbicide applications   ( Spring herbicide activity concerns -- May 27, 2017 ). In the video, we noted that weeds were coming through and wondered if the preemergent herbicides that had been applied would do their job.  We are back in the research plots in Rochester and checking-in to see how t
Video: Protecting sugar beets Protecting Sugar Beets Through Integrated Management

A Brief Review of Key Soybean Seedling Diseases

by Dean Malvick Conditions are favorable for soybean seedling disease in many areas. Wet soil, slow emergence, and delayed planting have been favorable for seedling diseases in many areas of southern and central Minnesota. Now as the soil dries and warms up, infected plants may wilt and collapse rapidly due to damaged root systems.  Problems with seedling disease have been reported from several areas, and more will likely be noted as plants continue to emerge. Given that seedling diseases have developed in some of the well-drained soil at Rosemount, MN, these problems are not restricted to poorly-drained fields this year. This is a good time to scout fields for seedling disease problems. read more >>

Wheat Crop and Pest Survey Maps

The first maps summarizing current small grain crop stages, disease and insect incidence have been posted . The southern areas of Minnesota represent winter wheat, which is much further developed than the NW HRSW, oats, and the occasional rye. West central and northwest will consist mainly of HRSW and Barley (similar for North Dakota).