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Upper Midwest Tillage Guide

The Upper Midwest Tillage Guide is a collaboration between the University of Minnesota Extension and North Dakota State University.

The Upper Midwest Tillage Guide is a regional resource for producers and agronomic personnel who are interested in reducing tillage, but who may not feel comfortable choosing the best options for their specific operation. The guide lays out the benefits of various equipment types and tillage options and is conveniently broken into four chapters that may be read consecutively or individually.

I. A brief history of tillage and tillage research
Part I explores the benefits of tillage from a historical perspective.

II. Tillage implements, purpose and ideal use
Tillage implements
Part II describes equipment components, depth of tillage, and typical residue covers for various tillage implements.

III. Reducing tillage intensity
crop residue trapping snow
Increased soil structure, organic matter, and reduced soil erosion are some of the many benefits of reduced tillage discussed in Part III.

IV. Economics of tillage
strip tillage in crop stubble
Part IV looks at crop yields and tillage costs of various tillage systems.

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