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Soybean Plot Tours in NW Minnesota – August 28-29, 2018

Plot tours are scheduled for August 28 - 29 at five locations. 

Agendas at each location may vary depending on speaker availability and requested topics.
  • Status of Soybean Aphid Management
  • Soybean Cyst Nematode Survey, including distribution of soil sample kits for project-sponsored testing
  • Performance of Pre-Emerge Herbicides in Soybeans
  • Soybean Variety trials
  • Planting Date and Plant Population comparison for northern varieties 
Speakers will vary at each location depending on availability.
  • Phillip Glogoza - UMN Extension Educator, Crops
  • Angie Peltier - UMN Extension Educator, Crops
  • Jared Goplen - UMN Extension Educator, Crops
  • Lacy Wulfekuhle - UMN Extension Educator
  • Heather Dufault – UMN Extension Educator
  • David Kee - MN Soybean Council
  • Bill Craig, Marshall, Pennington and Polk Co.
  • Cecil Deschene, Marshall Co. Soybean Assoc.
  • Company Seed Representatives
Click here for a copy of the flier and more details.
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