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Building an Industrial Hemp Industry In Minnesota

The article below introducing a report detailing how Minnesota can build an industrial help industry  was posted on the Agricultural Utilization Research Institute's website.

AURI is pleased to present this preview of an upcoming Minnesota Hemp Value Chain Analysis report to the growers, governments, supply chain sectors and end users who are engaged in the emerging hemp industry in Minnesota.

With the interest in industrial hemp growing both nationally and internationally, and the passage of the 2018 farm bill allowing cultivation of the crop in the U.S., AURI has decided to put together this comprehensive report, which provides an overview for the history and background of hemp around the globe and the United States.

The report also gives an overview of the primary areas of opportunity for hemp value-add in Minnesota. It covers areas with the most potential, including food, fiber, CBD, fuel and feed. Additionally, the report discusses the challenges that lie ahead on the road to connecting growers and end users to needed infrastructure for processing the crop and delivering products to the marketplace.

AURI would like to thank the growers, state officials, industry value chain experts and scientific professionals who contributed to this report.

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