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Soil Health Expo to be held on September 9th at Rollofson Farm (Barrett, MN)

The following article was written by University of Minnesota Extension's Jodi DeJong Hughes.

The University of Minnesota Extension is holding an exceptional Soil Health Expo on Wednesday, Sept. 9th from 9:00 am to 2:30 pm, to discuss and demonstrate soil health management tactics being implemented in west-central Minnesota.

Learn how to economically integrate no-till, strip-till, and cover crops into your system from experienced farmers.  Topics will include fertility, nutrient management, and cover crop integration into reduced till operations, as well as explore the true cost of field erosion.  A farmer panel, consisting of the Olson Family (Hawley, MN), Scott Olson (Appleton, MN),  Tim Koosmann (Holloway, MN), and Greg Fynboh (Donnelly, MN), will discuss the challenges that local producers face when striving to improve soil health. Lastly, watch some equipment get dirty in the side–by–side equipment demonstrations presented by regional and national manufacturers of cover crop interseeders, strip-till implements, and no-till planters. 

The Expo is a collaboration between the Rollofson family, Grant Soil and Water Conservation District, the University of Minnesota - Extension, the Natural Resource Conservation Service, and the Pomme de Terre River Association.

The Rollofson field is located 2 miles east of Barrett, MN on the north side of Grant County Hwy. 2 (lat/long is 45.901546, -95.826897)

We hope to see you on September 9th at 9 a.m. The planning committee is closely monitoring the evolving COVID-19 situation and the impact it may have on our event in September. Registrants will continue to receive updates about the event throughout the summer and we will communicate any changes to format as soon as possible.

There is no cost to attend the event.  However, pre-registration is requested to help with meals, grounds planning, and updates concerning changes in the agenda. To register go to or call or email Jared House at (218) 685-5395 /

Confirmed Equipment:
ETS strip till
Kuhn Krause strip till
Orthman strip till
Montag interseeder
Farmer created interseeder
Almost confirmed:
Midwest Machinery No-till planter
Titan No-till planter

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