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Videos: 2020 research projects at the NWROC

COVID-19 = Monkey wrench

COVID-19 threw a monkey wrench into the gears of the annual Northwest Research & Outreach Center's (NWROC) Crops & Soils Day program.  Rather than risk having this day meant for education and networking become some sort of COVID-19 super-spreader event, Extension and College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences (CFANS) personnel and the NWROC's director Dr. Albert Sims decided to bring the program online.

Short videos summarizing research projects

CFANS and Extension faculty members from both the NWROC and the St. Paul campus were captured on video discussing some of their 2020 research projects, what they hope to learn and how the projects will provide value to crop producers in northwest Minnesota and beyond.

These videos are hosted on the NWROC website.  There are 10 videos total and individual topics and speakers include:

Conservation Drainage Research: Lindsay Pease, NWROC

Management of Rhizoctonia in Sugarbeet - Ashok Chanda, NWROC

Rye Variety Trials at NWROC - Jochum Wiersma, NWROC

Spray Application via Drone Research - Ian McRae, NWROC

Do Blackbirds Have a Preference Between 2- and 6-Row Barley? - Jochum Wiersma, NWROC

Colorado Potato Beetle Research - Ian McRae, NWROC

Search for Resistance: Bacterial Leaf Streak of Barley - Brian Steffenson & Mitch Ritzinger, St. Paul

Net Blotch Fungicide Trial - Joe Wodarek, NWROC

Resistance to Fusarium Head Blight in Barley - Brian Steffenson, UMN, St. Paul

A New Approach to Managing White Mold in Minnesota Soybean - Angie Peltier, UMN Extension

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