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Resources for those with crops affected by recent frost

Plenty of days will have passed since below freezing temperatures occurred on May 28 at the NDAWN weather stations in Roseau (26°), Humboldt (28°), Eldred (29°) Ulen (30°) Warren (31°) Perley (31°) and Ada (31°) to assess your crop. You will be trying to determine whether the frost went deep enough into the soil to freeze corn’s growing point or kill all of the buds on your soybean seedlings that had just pulled their cotyledons out of the soil. 

If you are looking for information regarding frost injury and factors affecting replant decisions, check out these UMN Extension websites devoted to this topic: 

What to do when spring frost damages your crop 

What to do when spring frost damages your Minnesota soybean crop 

How frost affects small grains

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