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What is going on with those strips of green in a sea of yellow soybeans?

A couple of weeks ago now, soybeans in northwest Minnesota began to show symptoms of iron deficiency chlorosis (Figure 1).

Soybean leaves showing iron deficinecy chlorosis symptoms of interveinal chlorosis.
Figure 1. Soybeans showing symptoms of iron deficiency chlorosis. Photo: Angie Peltier

More recently, there appear to be some soybeans within these fields that are strikingly dark green in color (Figure 2).

Green soybeans growing over wheel tracks surrounded by neighbors suffering from iron deficiency chlorosis.
Figure 2. Long islands of dark green strips of healthy soybeans in a sea of soybeans suffering from iron deficiency chlorosis (IDC, Photo: Angie Peltier).

Whenever soybean stressors (ex. IDC, soybean cyst nematode, herbicide injury) delays growth and development, some yield potential is lost. If you are interested in learning more about what is going on with the strips of green soybeans featured in Figure 2, Wednesday's Strategic Farming: Field Notes program was dedicated to the causes of and management practices that can lessen crop injury due to IDC. Featured on this 30 minute episode were UMN Extension soybean agronomist Seth Naeve and nutrient management specialist Daniel Kaiser. 

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